Artist's Statement

Through my paintings, I seek to explore the relationships between visual expression, poetry, experience and philosophy.  With a dynamic use of colour, composition and form, combined with the use of found objects or text in my work, I seek not only to translate my studies into the visual aesthetic; but to also challenge the viewer's interpretations or understandings of not only my semi-abstract expressionist pieces; but also the very life experiences, philosophies or ideas that have inspired the paintings themselves.

I enjoy the physicality of painting; and I have a passion for colour.  To create the first layers of any piece, I experiment with various textures, strokes, mediums and techniques.  I often write down excerpts, passages or quotes from something that has inspired the painting.  Or, I may write my own thoughts and reflections directly on the canvas about what I aspire to convey or express in the piece.  At which point, I then alter my approach from a more spontaneous and free progression, to a more calculated and deliberate manner.  In other words, once I have chosen my colour scheme, I focus on composition and design.  I begin the process of aesthetically editing the chaos beneath, and building up the layers for what will lie in the forefront.  This way, the final image brings attention not only to what has been added to the painting, but also to what has been taken away.  And it is through this careful balance of freedom and form that I hope to inspire an emotional response in the viewer.

In my most recent series of work, I have focused on two main subjects: “Camels” and “Flowers”.  The first represents the affection I have grown towards living in the Gulf; while the second addresses the universal nostalgia of missing home.  But it is the third theme of “Grass” (which began in 2006) that is my most personal; as it reflects an on-going exploration of self and change.  As disjointed as these topics may seem, they do again echo the balance I strive to achieve in my work: focusing both on what has been added, and what has been taken away. 




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